Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Crafty Tuesday...DIY Mini Chalkboard

   Ok, so I haven't done a Crafty Tuesday post in awhile, but my craftiness has absolutely not been abandoned!
   Chalkboard paint is the new craft craze these days and I was eager to create something. The only materials that I found for a writing center (in my teacher stash and materials in the center) were white boards. What ever happened to chalkboards? So there was my little project: I made mini chalkboards for my preschool classroom!
    Very simple and quick to make! 
    I just grabbed 2 mini clip board & paper sets at the Dollar Tree and picked up some chalkboard paint at Michaels. (I love that these 2 stores are two doors down from each other in the same plaza! Makes shopping easy, but sometimes not so great on my pocket!)
    Anyhow, each clipboard needed two coats of paint and I waited at least an hour between each coat.
And within 3 hours time, I had some cute little mini chalkboards- and paper pads--that are going to 
go into my Writing Center!! 

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