Sunday, November 11, 2012

Letter Pp has become Pretty Popular!

    Wow, as I sit here and get ready to share all I have done with the letter Pp (at home and in my classroom), I realized that Pp is pretty  popular!
    Seeing that we have still been on a Pumpkin Palooza high, my little munchkin and I did some work with the letter Pp. I utilized many resources that I have found over the past few weeks that I just love!
    I purchased a Letter Land pack by Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten, earlier in the school year and it has become one of my faves to use.

    I had the little munchkin search for the letter Pp.    
Click here or the pic above to grab your own copy of this great resource!
Then we used these Phonics bookmarks created by Lidia Barbosa over at Kinder Alphabet. I LOVE these! Great way to save paper and practice skills!

 There is so much in there and I will be using it in my classroom very soon!
   Click the picture below to purchase your own pack. 
    And the Pumpkin Palooza and Letter Pp fun carried over into my classroom, as we began our study on the Letter Pp and Pumpkins!
    When I introduce  a new letter, I like to do art projects with  the actual letter. Here, we used the eraser tip of a pencil and paint to make a Polka Dotted Pp.

    Then I like to do an art project with something that begins with the letter sound. Here, I had the kids make a Pepperoni Pizza.  They had to find “pepperoni” circles that had the letter P on it and glue it to the “pizza” (bigger circle)

    To begin our study of Pumpkins, we created a web and wrote things that we knew about pumpkins and they   were all very excited to learn more!

    I spruced up my Science Center this past week and put different sized pumpkins in a basket for the munchkins to explore. 
They explored and compared the different sizes and a few of them even tried to measure the circumference of the pumpkins! I was impressed!

    We read the book “Plumpy Dumply Pumpkin” and explored different textures, which led us to create our own textured pumpkins, using art materials like feather, felt, glitter, buttons and sand paper. 
    They loved using silly words to describe what the objects felt like. My favorites: "Scritchy & Scratchy", hence the reason I had to use it in the display title!
    And the best part of our Pumpkin Exploration was when we opened up the pumpkin and took a look and a feel inside!

    Some of them were very excited to stick their hand inside and pull out some seeds, while others were just not very into this sensory experience- which  was okay with me! I absolutely LOVE the expressions on their faces when they felt the wet, squishy pumpkin guts!!!!
    Here are a few pics of my little one doing the exact same activity at home, right before Halloween!  What an awesome sensory experience!

    So, as you can obviously see, the Letter Pp sure became very popular these past few weeks!
    But I think Pumpkin Palooza is now in its final days! Time to move on...

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